Manage your care agency from your laptop Manage your care agency from your phone

Create bookings, offer them to your carers, and charge booking fees. All from your phone or laptop. CareCaptain takes care of the details so you can focus on your clients.

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A streamlined booking process

1 Parent requests a booking

Fill in the parent's details, or select an existing client to use their details.

2 Carers are selected

Either select carers manually, or automatically select carers that are qualified and in the right location.

3 Carers are notified

All selected carers are notified of the booking through the CareCaptain app. (Available on iPhone and Android)

4 Carers respond

Carers either confirm or decline the booking. The first responding carer is selected, or manually select the carer you would like.

5 Parent is emailed

The parent is emailed the carer's profile, along with the option to accept or decline the carer.

6 Parent confirms

The parent confirms that they would like this carer for the booking, notifying the confirmed carer.


The Babysitter Co.

"CareCaptain has allowed me to expand and innovate my service. My booking processes were once a tedious task that required lots of back and forth faffing around. Now I can leave it all up to CareCaptain, without compromising my customer experience."

Effortlessly charge your clients

Send a link for your clients to securely pay via credit card.

Stored payment info allows you to to make future charges with the click of a button.

View and manage payments made by your customers, including issuing refunds.

Optionally configure your company to require booking fees before the job is sent to carers.


... and many more features

Add the CareCaptain booking form to your website and let clients create bookings themselves.

Receive notifications on all important events from the CareCaptain app.

Easily search for your clients, view their past bookings, and update their personal information.

Create Casual Bookings or Regular Placements depending on the type of booking you need.